Retro Foods

Hey everybody. Today, news broke that Pepsi will likely be bringing back Crystal Pepsi! I haven’t tried it because I’m sure any 20 year old bottle of soda will taste bad. But, if they do put it back on shelves, I will be more than willing to try it. With so many retro foods coming back, I thought I’d make a list of the things that I’ve wanted brought back from my childhood. I’ll list some honorable mentions at the bottom of some things I liked, but wouldn’t particularly want back (or maybe it has already came back).

1. Mountain Dew Livewire. I will admit without shame that I haul at least three bottles of these bad boys back any time I find them on a road trip. They are still around, but in very limited areas. Here, we only have Code Red, Voltage, White Out, Baja Blast, and Sangrita Blast. I’m very hopeful for DewShine, but I haven’t tried it yet. Yes, I’m kind of a Dew Junkie. Especially for Baja Blast slushies. Taco Bell must be making a fortune, I swear.

2. Dinosaur Egg Oatmeal. Pretty sure this was discontinued since I haven’t seen it since I was little. It was oatmeal with egg-shaped sugar cubes that melt when you microwave it and a little colored dinosaur comes out of the egg. It was so neat and fun. I mean what little kid (or one at heart) wouldn’t buy this??

3. Oreo O’s Cereal. This stuff could be described as diabetes in a box. It could be described as crack in a box. Either way, I want it back in a box. The cereal was literally Oreo’s!! Well, the cereal was shaped like Apple Jack’s and the filling was replaced with marshmallows but damn it was good!

And now, for the honorable mentions!

1. Wonderball. I loved these as a kid, but kids were choking on the little candies. For a while I remember them just putting stickers in them, but they were eventually completely pulled in the USA and only sold in Canada. I wouldn’t eat these as an adult (probably), but they were neat as a kid!

2. French Toast Crunch. They brought it back!! This was the food stuff right here. Syrup flavored cereal shaped like little toasts!

3. Guzzler “fruit” drinks. I remember having these as a kid. The name is very ironic because no kid would guzzle one of those kool-aid tasting things and I’m 100% sure there was no fruit juice whatsoever in them. I’m not sure if they still make them, but the only reason I drank them is to change my poop horrific colors and freak my mom out to no end. There;s no telling how much coloring was in those drinks, but I no longer have a desire for blue, green, or purple poop, so I definitely wouldn’t buy these. Ah, the hell we put our bodies through.

4. Surge soda. Because no list would be complete without it. It’s back!! Try it. It’s like Mountain Dew, but more like how Vault was.

Is anything missing from this list? What are some awesome things you ate as a kid that may or may not still be around? Comment below! Thanks for reading!

Fall 2014/ New Year Goals

Hey everybody. It’s time for an update! 2014 ended pretty rocky and it tested me and what I thought I knew about myself, but hopefully it will all be for the best.
I’ll go ahead and admit I found my limits in the fall semester. I was taking 15 credit hours, worked a part time job, was in a fraternity, photographed and wrote for the yearbook, and dealt with family stuff at home. I realized I couldn’t make everyone happy no matter how fast I tried to get things done or how many things I tried taking on at once. I ended up half-assing a lot.
I was falling behind in my classes, but I tried having a love life. Yeah, not a smart move for me. I ended up meeting all the types of girls I wanted to avoid, but being tired and frustrated with life I let them come into my life. So instead of having the lovelife I wanted, I substituted it for something convenient: emotionless flings.
After my first failed and nothing was getting better, I decided to try tightening my standards and going on first dates. Instead of giving the number of different women I went on a first date with in that 3 1/2 month window, I’ll just say I ended up going on way too many. I ended up having a couple of quality girls that I really liked, admired, and wanted to really get to know, but I saw what a mess my love life was and didn’t want them getting tangled in this mess. One of them I pissed off when distancing myself.
I screwed up. I went back to being the kind of person I wanted to leave behind because I couldn’t stand myself when life got this crazy.
When the semester ended, my family had an emergency and had to go for 5 days to another state. I went on a previous trip so I volunteered to stay behind and housesit. This was actually a great thing for me. A blessing in disguise. I was off from work that week and had plenty of time to think about all of my successes and failures of the year and where things went wrong this last semester. And I realized what I really have to do in the New Year.
Sometimes, you can’t control the world. You can’t do everything you thought you could. You can’t do everything you really want to do, and you will let people down. The key is picking things that are good for you. We all have bad habits. That’s okay. Have a drink. Hell, smoke a blunt if that’s the way you roll. It’s all about moderation and keeping things at a constant but a little interesting.
I usually don’t make huge resolutions, but have a key word to think about during the year or little goals that follow that as I go along. This year, I want to think “moderation”. Though something like improving my looks to feel more attractive or finding a girl for solid companionship are both awesome, who the fuck am I kidding? I want to be more selective about dating, do fewer things but do those better, and maybe possibly work on going to the gym once a week and looking more professional. That’s it. I want to slow down and gain control. Since the New Year started, I have done better with this. The spring semester starts tomorrow, and I’m keeping these things in mind. Have a great semester everyone and good luck with your resolutions! What things from 2014 do you wish to confront? Let us know in the comments below!

Back To College! Goals!

Hey everybody! This is just an update post letting you know what’s going on in my life.
I start back college in one week. Yeah, it’s a bummer to see summer end and Netflix and my part time job will hate to see me less often, but I’m definitely ready for more exciting things.
Everyone talks about all the things that they are going to do over the summer, this semester, in the new year, etc. Well… yeah. This is one of those lists.
Read more books. To help with this, I’m taking a literature class that was required anyway.
Make Myself A Little More Available. Last year, Ill admit, I ran around getting work done and missed out on just having fun. The same goes with the dating aspect, though I woyld go about that very differently from the past.
Eat Less Fast Food/ Healthier. Self explanatory, especially in a college town. Even though sometimes you just crave a nice hamburger.
Have At Least One Gym Day A Week. Especially if the pool is open. I would swim every day. Though I took a Kenisiology class last year and it made me realize the gym is actually a normal place with mostly normal people.
And that’s about it! Sure, there are other little things but I’m just going to see what happens with those.
Do you have any goals for the new school year? Are you ready to go back? What are some of your favorite things about being at college versus home with family? Feel free to comment and have a great year!

Life Advice: Put Yourself First

Let’s step into the dating world for a little bit, guys. Ladies, feel free to read along, but since I’m a guy and have yet to fully understand you, I won’t mess you up. If you feel you’re perfect and awesome, feel free to skip to the next post, but I feel I may have some valuable material for you.
So guys, I came up with this topic forever ago and waited until now to actually write about it to see how it works out for me. I’m going to be really real here. Since starting college, I haven’t really dated except a few first dates. Let me tell you about a couple Ive been on (Both between Fall 2013 and February 2014).
Date #1: Just a simple get Taco Bell and sit and chat (since it was some girl my friend knew and it was just a chatting online thing until that point). Got there a little early, ordered my food, waiting until the time she was supposed to be there before eating my food, ate food, left restaurant. She texted me 3 days later saying “I was there, but I was 30 minutes late.” She only texts me out of the blue now either wanting a hookup or to send me random selfies with her tongue hanging out like a dog.
Date #2: I tried taking a little different approach. Ive never been a fan of dating apps, but I tried one called Plenty of Fish for the heck of it. I met a girl in town that worked near where I work. She was a shift manager at Radio Shack, and I’m going to college for management so I thought that would be something we could talk about and at least she has a job. We scheduled a date for chinese when she would be on break from work. Got there, got my food, waited, ate, left. She later messaged me saying she skipped her break. She wanted to keep chatting online, but I broke it off and deleted the Plenty of Fish account.
As you can tell, I definitely have a way of picking my dates. But let me tell you… after date #2 I told myself “I can’t do this anymore. I’m doing it all wrong. I don’t need to worry so much on dating someone. I should worry about me and just focus on me for a while.”
And I have. That was the last first date I went on. And it was worth it.
That day, I stuffed on chinese food. Like I got like 3 full plates and just went to freakin town. I bought new clothes. I discovered a lot of new things about myself. Ive loved life lots more than I did when I just worried about being alone. Yes, you get lonely at times and everyone has flaws, but don’t let yourself focus on them. Just have fun and live for you.
Since then, girls have approached me. Girls notice when you’re in happier spirits and taking care of yourself. Girls notice when you’re being you and not trying to be what someone else is looking for.
For guys and girls, be you. Don’t go out of your way for someone that doesn’t care. I went out of my way to those dates and they made no effort. It’s nothing to pout over, it’s just a life lesson to take to heart. Put yourself first. But, most importantly, don’t do what I did and try to get to know someone on the internet. It really blows and it makes you look desperate. Try dating someone you already know in real life or at least someone in real life period.
Thanks for reading! As always, comments are welcome! What have you thought about your love life lately? What is your approach to dating? What are your thought on this article?

Special Snow Post

This is just a post telling about my experience with the snow that hit Alabama, Georgia, and several other states this week.
As you guys probably know, the south was hit hard by some snow. Alabama meteorologists predicted the storm to stay south of us and that we would only see a dusting where I am. Then, at the last moment, they told everyone the snow was much farther north than they anticipated, and we needed to stay off the roads. Well, my university sent out a mass email/ text alert telling everyone the campus is closed effective immediantly, which you know everyones going to hit the highway and leave campus. So, that backed up traffic and led people to abandon their cars on the side of the road and walk somewhere to stay or just spend the night in their cars. We wound up getting 2 inches by 5 pm with more expected to fall overnight and most of the states sand trucks in south Alabama, so from Montgomery up all the roads were big parking lots.
Luckily, I had a mix-up that was a blessing in disguise. I told my sister to meet me on campus and we would ride home. Instead, she didnt check her Facebook and got in her boyfriends car to go to his apartment. So, I followed them over there and by the time we tried going home, the roads were virtually impassable. So, lucky for me, I was able to stay the night, meet some new people, and enjoy the snow knowing I have a warm place to go.
Everybody was closed except for my favorite coffee shop/ diner. Their food was kind of pricey, so I never really ate there, but not starving was more important. It was fantastic! I had a bacon and cheese panini. Then I met my sisters boyfriends cousin who works for my home towns newspaper and has an apartment nearby, so I was able to stay up-to-date with things before it was published on their website, which was really neat and comforting.
The bottom line of this post is to be thankful for the people in your life. Im one of those people who tend to get caught up in work and classes and dont spend too much time hanging out or thinking about my social life too much. Don’t get too busy for the people you love and care about. Life can always wait.

Dating Post 1

Yes, this may kind of be a soapbox post, but bare with me. If you’ve ever been in this position, this may help you. If you haven’t, it might help in the future. Or it can be your entertainment all the same. Enjoy!
The summer before I started college, I met a girl through a friend that was really nice. She was sweet, had a nice family, and had a little big of an ego, but that might not be too much of a bad thing. So I thought. We talked, went to the lake with her family, went to her church, I brought her around my family, and I brought her around my friends. I even had her mom on my Facebook. It seemed like things were good in my eyes. All the little things kinda mounted up even though it wasnt anything serious or “official” and that would’ve been perfectly fine if the last girl I dated hadn’t made excuses for us not to be official so I could find out from other guys that she had been sleeping around. Yes, I was still a little paranoid from it but I figured getting back in there was best for me, and things were going great anyway so I thought I made a great choice.
So, we were out on a proclaimed “official” date. Yeah, we talked about it and it was finally a mutually agreed on date. So, we went out to eat and walked around the park. Nothing fancy. After it was over, she said she had a nice time, so I brought up if we had a nice time on an official date, maybe we would work as an official couple. All she said was “Lets just keep dating and we’ll see.” The exact same thing I was told by the girl who wound up getting down with various guys in various public places. So, I ended it. I wanted us to remain friends but obviously to her that wasn’t an option. She now goes to college with me and I see her on occasion, but we never speak. Yet, every so often I get a message from one of her friends asking what I’m up to. Honestly, most of the time I lie. Not sure if that makes me a bad person, but if you wanna know ask me yourself, right?
So, if I have any advice to give guys from this dating experience, it would be these few bullet points:
– Be close with your guys, because they will tell you what’s up.
– Don’t be too quick to call it quits. I was and I still wonder how she’s doing, but…(next point)
– If she can’t forgive and move on, it would’ve been something else to pull the plug. Don’t worry if you’re in a situation like this. After seeing us now from where we were, we’re both better off. Some personalities just don’t mix.
– Opposites can attract, but a lot of times if they have a big ego and you don’t, she’s not for you. You can try and I won’t judge because we’re different people, but that’s just my take.

Feel free to comment your thoughts on this, a relationship situation of yours, things you’d like to se  me write on, or whatever else you find relevant to the conversation.

Starting College – The Adventure!

Everyone has their own story about how they started college, how they picked their college, their first classes, all that unique stuff. When you meet your first college friends. Which, my first year, whenever you met someone both of you asked two questions: Where are you from? and What’s your major?. But this story isn’t about that. Its about how I chose my college in the first place.
My Senior year our mailbox was flooded with flyers for virtually every college Id heard of and then some. It seems like I would come home from school every day to find a different colleges flyer on the table. Ill admit Ive kept them as keepsakes just to look back on. But, my first choice of college was South Alabama (USA). I was undecided at the time and figured there would be plenty to do because I would be near a beach, I would be away from my parents, and life would be sunshine and lollipops. Which I applied and was accepted. But, I’m not there. I never went there. I found out that despite first impressions and how glamorous and wonderful things look from a distance, your first choice isn’t always the best choice. So where do I go? A small liberal arts college 15 or so miles from my parents. They gave me a scholarship plus the cost to me would be less than half of what USA would charge me. Plus, I went for a tour and their departments were actually very high quality. Also, the campus had a very unique personality. Im not going to say the name (make you guys hunt for it if you want to know) but it has the oldest homecoming tradition in the country, yet it has no football team. Plus, part of the campus was a Civil War hospital with ghost stories, brick streets, and squirrels are everywhere! So I decided to try there and probably transfer later, but I fell in love with the campuses weird ways. It’s the place where I can work on a business degree, look at local art displays, and listen to free live music performances by local bands and people you know in the music department. I liked it so much that I’m still there today.

My College Life and Viewpoint

Every person has a unique way of living, whether they prefer it that way or not. I’m pretty comfortable with my lifestyle, but if I could change certain things I would in a heartbeat. First off, I still live with my parents. No, I just haven’t made the big leap into an apartment and I never found the dorms on my campus worth the money. I’ve heard all the horror stories: dirty showers, internet black-outs, and windows that wont fully close in the winter. But I think why everyone still lives on campus isn’t just for convenience, but for brotherhood. From just being on campus, I see people pop in each others rooms and hang out for hours. I have to admit, that sounds really nice. However, my parents want me to live at home and us to still be like we were. They have money problems and I have a job to pay for my food, tuition, and books. But, so I wont feel like I’m freeriding off of them, I buy things that are needed, I bought my own printer so I can buy ink and print assignments and coupons, and I pick up things at the store. Also, I want them to see me as a safety net, not just as their college kid son. I will admit I save where I can just because Ive seen what can happen when you don’t, but so if something comes up like a hospital visit or emergency trip to the dentist, I can loan them money rather than letting them go to some other place and pay interest, which gives us both peace of mind. So, would I move out? Sure. Do I want them to think that since Ive moved out I wont help them with their problems? No. I hope my other posts are more lighthearted in the future, but I wanted to give you guys an idea about where I’m coming from.

Who I Am and Why I’m Here

I like to think we all have a time in our life where we believe we’re going nuts. Well, I think this is my time. I’m a 19 year old full time college student who works part time at a fast food place eager to find his spot in the world. This semester has been pretty crazy, so I thought writing it all down would help me tell about myself and maybe even help you guys who are entering college. If you’ve been in my shoes, get comfortable. I’m telling it all.